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«The Bulgarian soloist Irina Georgieva has a rich, clear sound, a perfect articulation, and a phrasing of captivatingly reliable taste ...»

Dear audience, dear friends of piano music

Ever since I can remember, playing the piano has made me happy. This happiness is something I get to experience again and again. And it is something I get to share with others– for so many years now, during numerous concerts, and on stages all over the world.

Your, my, our fascination for music shall also be the core of this website: I will give you a deep insight into my repertoire and inform you about current concerts and CD releases. Furthermore, I will tell you more about myself, my artistic career and my first love, my piano.

I am pleased to have you here. And I am even more pleased if, very soon, we meet each other at one of my concerts.


Irina Georgieva performs regularly in Switzerland, Italy, France, England, and Morocco. The pianist’s repertoire comprises classical music from the Baroque to the present.


Three widely travelled thoroughbred musicians and a virtuoso program that combines American classical music and the Bulgarian present. The performances will take place in Basel and its surroundings, Georgieva’s adopted home, in the second half of April 2022.


The second solo CD “Ondine” was recorded by Irina Georgieva in 2015 at the Gewandhaus Leipzig. It reflects a recital program with music by Robert Schumann and Maurice Ravel. It was released in April 2016 on the Genuin label.

Irina Georgieva is a natural talent. Her interpretations are always original. Her sound is beautiful, her artistic potential limitless.


Irina is one of the outstanding piano students of my pedagogical activity which lasts more than 35 years. A flawless sound culture combined with a stupendous technique, her instinctive sense of style, her strong charisma, and her personality predestine Irina Georgieva to a great career as a pianist.


Meeting the pianist Irina Georgieva was a great and unexpected experience for me. Her playing is overwhelming, the variety of timbres, her singing cantilena, her musical power, her deep perception of a work, her perfect sense of form.


Irina Georgieva has an impeccable technique and an exceptional touch culture. She is highly qualified, she has an exceptional style, and possesses a great artistic and pianistic instinct.


Irina Georgieva is a true character. She possesses charm and mystique, which are equally evident, whether on a concert podium or in daily life.

STEFAN LANO / Dirigent

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