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From an early age on, Irina Georgieva has shown a virtuoso technique and an almost unlimited articulacy. During her career, she has perfected both, what she proves not only in her live performances. Instead, her talent, her passion and her expertise also characterize the compositions she has released as a CD.

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The second solo CD

Irina Georgieva’s second solo CD, “Ondine” (2015), was recorded at the Gewandhaus Leipzig. It reflects a recital program of three works by Robert Schumann and Maurice Ravel that havemoved and inspired Irina Georgieva throughout the years. Childhood memories, but also the question of how far she and her listeners are willing to take an honest and unsparing look into themselves, give “Ondine” the touch of an enchanting mixture of melancholic cheerfulness and introspection.Almost simultaneously, Irina Georgieva allows two worlds to emerge, one far away, the other one frighteningly close to reality:

«For my interpretation, I asked myself the question of whether I wanted to take the listener into a fairy-tale world as an observer or make this world become true for him – as a dream in which you don’t know if there will be an awakening. All three works are strongly bound to their texts, which means that when listening, there often does exist a certain idea. It’s at this point where the challenge begins: Am I able to change the existing idea and create a new impression?»

Irina Georgieva


«The great composer Sofia Gubaidulina praised pianist Irina Georgieva for her «richness of tone color, her musical power, for the depth of her artistic concept, and her impeccable sense of form.»

It’s easy to agree with this appraisal after having been enchanted by the young musician’s new CD […] – poetic works by Robert Schumann and Maurice Ravel pour out of the speakers in surges and waves.»

Presto Classical

Irina Georgieva plays Rachmaninoff

Her first CD project

With “Irina Georgieva plays Rachmaninoff” (2011), Irina Georgieva has created a masterpiece. The fact that she has dedicated her first CD project to Rachmaninoffis no coincidence. For Rachmaninoff’s compositions are the ones she almost magically has felt attracted to ever since.She associates many happy memories with Rachmaninoff’s work, but, above all, a sense of hope:

«When I started the project in 2011, I had just lost my father. I was sad and desperate and longed for new faith. When I listen to the CD today, I am surprised that it sounds determined, but not gloomy, rather peaceful and affectionate. Maybe it’s this inner peace I perceive in the Irina of that time that Rachmaninoff has always evoked in me.»

Irina Georgieva


«Irina Georgieva, once a student of Rudolf Buchbinder, gives an impressive performance in her Rachmaninoff recital. A brightly transparent, highly virtuoso piano playing, very consciously elaborated in detail. At the same time, the pianist never loses track of the large-scale contexts, which is especially valuable in the Corelli Variations.»
Musik&Theater Magazin (Juli/August 2012)


«Irina Georgieva – an emerging talent in the world of pianists.»

Musical Opinion Magazine

Initio / Kamenarska, Georgieva

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